Have you done talk therapy but need something more?

Do you still feel stuck, blocked or rudderless because you’re held back by your past? It’s ok. This is normal.

Is your lifestyle so busy that you’re forever trying to catch up with yourself?

Or perhaps a super turbo healing is what you’re looking for?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to release those old patterns of behaviour, attitudes and fears and live the life that you know deep down you are capable of?

Shamanic Healing addresses your distress at a very deep level, it heals pain at its root cause.

Shamanic Healing provides deep healing through the combining the methodologies of psychology, spirituality and nature. These, when applied together, assist you in releasing deeply held blockages and beliefs so you can move towards the outcomes that you really want in your life.
The esteemed Shamanic practitioner Vivoldo notes that one Shamanic Counselling session is the equivalent of six counselling sessions enabling you to proceed with your life while the healing continues to take place, in the background, long after your session with me has finished. You might call it turbo-healing 


Each Shamanic healing session is 90 mins and the fee is €100
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