Have you experienced abuse, co-dependency or domestic violence and still feel stuck? Join a support groups or a healing circle or workshop to overcome the pain and trauma that is holding you back.

Are you a Survivor of Sexual Abuse ? Do you struggle with shame , addiction, relationships and confidence issues. Have you tried one-to-one approaches to healing and are still feeling stuck?

If so would you like to come and sit within a warm, non –judgemental environment with people who have experienced just what you did.

If you find yourself at this cross roads, perhaps the time has come to embark on a new healing journey and arrive at the place you’ve always yearned for.

Come along to our sexual abuse workshops groups where you will receive support, guidance and strategies in a compassionate space. From here you will learn to befriend and overcome the pain, challenges, low self esteem shame ,trauma and negative thinking which you have courageously lived with up until now.

Listed below is an overview of our 10 week psycho-education support group programme that will assist you on your journey from sexual abuse  towards wholeness . There are separate groups for male and female survivors of sexual abuse

  • Sexual abuse and the Impact for male and female survivors Sexual Abuse for Survivors on a physical, emotional psychological and spiritual level
  • Attachment Styles – Secure , Insecure, Insecure Ambivalent , Disorganised .
  • Rigid, Loose and Healthy Boundaries and how to set healthy boundaries
  • Triggers where abuse is reactivated, Creating a safe space and calming the body’s response
  • Exercises and strategies to overcome shame, anger, loss , pain and build trust.
  • Journeying to a safe space, mindfulness , embodied creative visualisation
  • Self care strategies for flashbacks, numbness, dissociation and hyper-vigilance
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Relationships, Compulsions
  • Recognising old maladaptive coping strategies (addiction , Alcohol,co-dependency and gambling, compulsions, eating disorders)
  • Creating new healthier ways for living. Journalling, Exercise , Diet, Living in the moment, Mindful Living challenging irrational thoughts, Choice Theory, STOPP, Helicopter View, Worry Time
  • Grieving our past -Letting Go and Reclaiming your future.
  • Moving on and moving forward in life
  • Handouts and support material, coping strategies and interventions given to participants each week


These groups are run over a ten week period
Groups are from 7pm to 9.30pm at a fee of €40 per session.
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