Mental Health Toolkit for Students

Mental Health Toolkit for Students 2017-05-10T14:13:52+00:00

Would you like your students to become more present and focussed in class?

Would you like to assist them manage their feelings and increase their confidence?

Do your students need extra support in reaching their potential?

Are you dealing with behavioural issues in the classroom on a regular basis?

I offer a series of psycho-education workshops that teach young people and adolescents to recognise their own signs and triggers for stress, coaching them to self-regulate and soothe their distress and reactions to surrounding situations.

Many students experience pressure and become frazzled in school setting. Some students often act out in inappropriate ways, negatively effecting not only on the other students in the classroom but the teachers themselves. Teaching these students tools, techniques and strategies for self –care will empower them to manage pressure, be more relaxed, confident and focussed on the curriculum. This leads to a more harmonious environment within and outside of the teaching space, for everyone.

With over thirty years of experience working with challenges experienced by young people and professional social care and education settings , I can assist you to create a blue print for creating a learning environment that is amicable yet challenging and stimulating for the student rather than confrontational and provocative .


Half day Workshops are charged at €300 and a full day Workshop is €500
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