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‘Being Present for People Who Want to Heal’

Offering a Range of Services , In- House & Private


Hi I’m Gerry . Welcome to my practice. My clinic is situated in 13 South Leinster Street, Dublin 2. Here you will find a warm, compassionate, skilled approach to healing that will assist you to fully reengage with your life. I am a practicing Psychotherapist, lecturer and trainer working in the caring profession for thirty years and I have qualifications in the following disciplines Nursing, Social Care, Counselling, Reality Therapy, Brief Therapy, Psychotherapy, Shamanic Counselling, Energy Healing, Group facilitation , Training and Supervision.

Expert Care

I work with people who want to heal. I believe that healing comes from a place of love. It is my firm belief that the problems that we face are compounded we refuse to meet the challenges that we face. What I have learned is that what you resist will persist and what you meet and greet you will beat.

It is my view that if you can change your approach to any obstacle that you are facing then there is never a setback that cannot be overcome, no matter what may be encountering right now.


I offer a choice of therapeutic interventions, workshops and trainings that will assist you to emerge from any problems or roadblocks that you are currently experiencing in your life right now, so that you can engage and enjoy life in a more fulfilling way. I connect and offer healing to people (individuals, couples and groups) who are experiencing distress in their lives particularly in the areas of anxiety, addiction, bullying, co-dependence, Depression, domestic violence, Eating disorders, Loneliness . Phobias, Sexual Abuse and Worry.